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Reduce your Emi burden with Flexi overdraft loan facility!

A common person already has a lot of pressure on his or her shoulders managing a monthly budget on a limited income, so paying a loan EMI every month turns into a task to pay every month. However, with a flex loan, you are free from the burden of paying a high loan EMI and can save a significant amount of money each month by doing so. One can save a significant amount of money each month by paying only for the amount that has been used in a flex loan. Another benefit is that we can withdraw money from a flex loan whenever we need it. to know more about the flexi loan keep reading our articles

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Flexi Overdraft loan key Points


What is Flexi Over Draft loan?

flexi overdraft loan is  very unique type of loan facility based on dropline balance . A flexi loan overdraft is a type of credit facility that provides borrowers with a pre-approved line of credit that they can use to withdraw money as needed. Borrowers are only required to pay interest on the amount of money they use, rather than the entire amount of credit available. This means they can borrow what they need and pay it back as quickly as they can, without incurring additional fees or charges. Borrowers can access the funds at any time without having to go through the application process again.Loan amount of flexi overdraft loan depend on applicant eligibility and repayment history with other bank.So If you want to apply flexi loan we give you the best available option with lowest rates today

Affordable interest Rate

Get Affordable interest rate less than 1.25% which cost arround 42 Rs per lac a day

2 unique varient

Pick the loan variant that suits you best,flexi overdraft loan,flexi hybrid loan

Flexible tenure

Repay your loan with flexible emi from 12 to 84 month at lowest annually interest rate

Smooth and Quick disbursement

Save your precious time by smooth and fast processing with less involvement of paperwork, get disbursment within 48 working hours in your account.

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Why Choose Us?

At “Dealstohdekho”, we strive to provide our customers with the best possible personal loan experience. With a wide selection of Term & Flexi overdraft loan  and a knowledgeable team of experts, we make sure that our customers find the right loan to fit their needs and budget. Our focus on transparency, honesty, and fairness sets us apart from other personal loan service providers. From start to finish, we are here to guide and assist you in finding the perfect personal loan to meet your needs and budget. We provide the best customer service, fast and easy loan financing process, competitive rates with no hidden fees and 24/7 help. We are best personal loan provider, our main mission is to get you a loan  that meets your needs.We offer you the best personal financing options and terms, so that you don't have to worry about finding a lender by yourself. We believe that our customers deserve an exceptional experience, so we put all of our resources behind making sure you get what you need when you need it.


Flexi Overdraft Loan Benefits

One needs to meet the eligibility standards set by the lenders to avail a Used Car Loan. Depending upon individual capacities and automobile valuations, eligibility criteria for used car finance are as follows:


Flexi Overdraft Loan Feature

A  Flexi overdraft loan is much simpler to obtain than any other loan; for your reference, below are a few important points about Flexi overdraft loan. Flexi loan act as a backup plan for you when you run out of money or need money in an emergency but lack any immediate resources.

No Charges on Part payment

Repay your loan without any charges ,You can make part payment as many time you want.

Low EMIs

Pay emi only on used amount and save a good amount every month

Withdraw Option

You can access the funds at any time without having to go through the application process again

Line of Credit

You can use the fund up to your approved limit and pay back as much you want to pay,rest amount remain Line of Credit.


Flexi Overdraft Loan Eligibility Criteria

One needs to meet the eligibility standards set by the lenders to avail a  Flexi overdraft  Loan. Depending upon individual repayment history, eligibility criteria for financing ovar draft loan are as follows

Additional Documents

Required Documents For Flexi Overdraft loan

Salaried  person seeking funds as Flexi Overdraft Loan will have to furnish additional documents listed below to start the loans process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Best Reason to choose Flexi loan is the Flexibility than traditional term loan, it reduce the burden on heavy emi by paying interest on used amount only.

  • There are no limitations on withdrawing money from a flexi loan. No matter how many times you make a withdrawal in a month, you can always get your money.

  • foreclosure charges is subject to bank which can be vary, generally you need to pay foreclosure charges as mentioned in Loan agreement terms and condition agreed by you.

  • Generally bank/Nbfd need 700+ cibil to fund Flexi overdraft loan,but with the proper justification, if bank/nbfc feel comfortable,loan can be sanctioned.

  • Yes you can convert your term loan and credit card outstanding into one loan under balance transfer facility of flexi loan

Flexi Loan,Think it Done it

Make your life More Flexible with Flexi Overdraft Loan

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